About Betty

Alcoholic Whisperer, Betty Pennington, CPLC, (Retired) is dedicated to helping families recover from the devastation of an addiction system. She mentors and guides families who are desperate to find a solution to the heart ache and misery of loving an addict.

Whether clients seek to answer a few questions or commit to long term coaching, they will welcome the positive results achieved by acting on Betty’s road-tested and proven advice to whisper an alcoholic/addict. Best of all, they will learn how to interact with their loved one with confidence and respect; transforming and healing the relationship.

Betty walks her own talk when it comes to loving and respecting herself and alcoholic addict loved ones. She has been mentored and worked an AA recovery program since 1988 and Al-Anon family recovery program since 1996. Through the years, she has informally coached many addicts and family members. In 2003, she began sharing her specialized message of hope at treatment centers with both addicts and their families. Since 2008, she has focused her program on helping young addicts, by teaching their families about the addiction system and how to change their part in the dynamics. She has helped hundreds of families learn new, positive ways of interacting with their addicted loved ones and saved them years of heartache and thousands of wasted dollars.

She is affectionately known as “Biker Betty” and her family program at the treatment centers has been nicknamed “Biker Betty’s Bootcamp” due to her direct and fun-loving approach. She is loved and admired by happy clients around the world, and is well known for being the “go to” person for helping people transform their relationships from painful to peaceful!

She has built a life which is dedicated to serving people who are serious about getting unstuck and breaking free from the never ending cycle of unhappiness in an alcoholic system. Mentoring frustrated and confused family members out of the destructive cycle of addiction, is one of her greatest joys and life passions. Seeing young addicts respond to the positive interactions from their family is the icing on the cake!

Betty offers her services to anyone who wants to heal their relationships and is willing to look at new ways of interacting with their addicted loved one. Feel free to give her a call and discuss your situation in more detail.

Betty strongly believes an addict’s very life and chance at sobriety depends largely on families changing their roles in the addictive system.

You will discover the perfect solutions for your family and say “bye-bye” to your strained and unhappy relationship as she helps you advance along the journey of becoming a master Alcoholic Whisperer!

Betty lives in (and was born and raised in) the beautiful Texas hill country. She LOVES dancing, collecting classic cars and riding motorcycles with her wonderful husband and 3 grown children. “Recovery saved our family, it can save yours too!!”

If you would like to learn more, you can check out the E-booklet compiled from the 4 week addiction system workshop. Simply click the following link:

Alcoholic Whispering 101 – Bronco Taming Skills for Families

Also visit our web page “Even More Info” for more links to great resources. You are also welcome to send Betty an email at b.pennington@yahoo.com or give her a call at 512-964-3808. Wishing you all the best!