Do You Love a Buckin’ Bronco?

Loving An Alcoholic/Addict Is Like Riding a Wild Bronco!

bucking horse
Have you tried everything to help but things are only getting worse? Are you really angry?
• Do you feel totally stressed and overwhelmed and don’t know what else to do?
• Are you exhausted from constantly worrying about them? Afraid they will die or be homeless if you don’t intercede?
• Are you tired of walking on eggshells or fighting? Treated with disrespect and blamed for their problems?
• Does it feel like you never win and they just don’t seem to “get it”, no matter how well you explain it?
• Have you lost or forgotten your dreams? Do you worry that your life is headed to emotional, physical and financial ruin because of the constant strain of helping them?
• Do you even attend 12 step meetings but don’t see any real improvements and don’t know why?

This is a Novel Treatment Program Dedicated to the Family!

• Helping YOU figure out how to shut down the chaos in your life – starting now
• Equipping YOU with critical knowledge and practical solutions to help you solve the problems for good
• Teaching YOU why everything is so crazy and even more importantly, how to end it – quick.
• Helping YOU find the solutions that work instead of repeating the vicious cycle of temporary “fixes”.

The Alcoholic/Addict Whisperer Program has the answers you seek!
calm horse
Imagine how good it would feel to no longer be hurled around by an out of control addict.

After surviving a horse accident, Betty learned horse “whisperering” to help her figure out what went wrong. During her training, she learned why her horse bucked and was shocked to realize SHE was actually unknowingly contributing to his “bad” behavior. She also learned that horses play games to manipulate and frustrate in order to get what they want – hey, this sounds like addicts! During her training, Betty realized that addicts were like horses – they react strongly to negativity and pressure and will buck like crazy!

Betty is an “expert” at an addict’s games because she IS an alcoholic/addict. She now dedicates her life to teaching families of addicts how to “whisper” wild broncs so they can transform their life quickly! You will learn the addict’s best kept secrets which are used to keep loved ones off balance, frustrated and doing what they want! Addicts use many smokescreens, diversions and excuses to keep everyone else feeling crazy, angry or worried – but most of all, to keep you assuming their responsibilities!

This program slices right through years and layers of built up rationalizing, justifying and excuses to expose the simple truth beneath all the problems – addiction. You will be amazed how fast YOUR despair is changed to joy as you feel empowered to apply these simple techniques. We start with baby steps. There’s nothing to lose but misery!

This program will save you YEARS of heartache caused from repeating the same old destructive pattern. We are here to give you solutions that will pour water on the fire of addiction. Then…Get your boots on, grab your hat and let’s start having some fun wranglin’ a bronco with love!

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