Links to Favorite Articles and Resources

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Alcoholic Whispering 101 – Bronco Taming Skills for Families

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Favorite Articles:
Are you in a Codependent Relationship?
Codependency and Addiction
Codendency Recovery

Gateway Parenting (How addiction to overdoing for children begins)
Three Steps to Great Children
Respect in Relationships
Enabling – How financially supporting adult children is destructive to everyone

Links to Byron Katie’s “The Work”
But I’m her mother!
How do I cope with my son’s addiction?

Favorite Books (Amazon):
From Monsters to Miracles: Parent-Driven Recovery, Tools That Work
Let Go Now – Embracing Detachment
Codependent No More
The Enabler

Empowering Great Articles and Programs
Note: articles/programs are written for parents with defiant minor age children and the principles apply to any alcoholic/addict (addicts are like giant toddlers : ))


DVD Programs

12 Step Meetings:
AA Meeting Schedules
Al-Anon Meeting Schedules

Al-Anon Pamphlets/Books:

Alcoholism, A Merry-Go-Round Named Denial P-3
Guide for the Family of the Alcoholic P-7
Three Views of Al-Anon P-15
Freedom from Despair P-6
So You Love an Alcoholic P-14
Understanding Ourselves and Alcoholism P-48
To the Mother and Father of an Alcoholic P-16

Al-Anon How It Works B-22
Courage to Change B-16

Applying the AA and Al-Anon 12 Step Traditions to our Relationships
A wonderful workshop on applying traditions to our relationships. Based on AA principles and Codendency addiction also applies. Workshop by Dave and Polly P.

More Favorite Books (Amazon):
The Power of Now
A New Earth

Choice Theory
Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health

Pat Parelli Horsewhispering Articles
Note: articles/programs are written for trainers of unruly horses and the principles apply to any alcoholic/addict (addicts are like unruly horses : ))

Horsenality Overview
What Horsenality Teaches Us
My Horse is My Mirror
A Horse Needs a Calm Leader
How to Catch a Horse
Is He Stubborn or Fearful?
My Horse is Way to Smart
Understanding Horse Behavior
My Horse is Spoiled